Developers update


It is a while since we stoped updating our blog and pages. Back then, when we started with our flagship project, we had just a simple static page where we informed our users about the news, development and things around. We migrate them here in the last week, at least those we saved. And proudly as it touched our hearths 🙂

So what’s new now? We just finished implementation of our backend services responsible for the multiplayer part of the game. Uffff 😀 That was a lot of work. We spend a couple of months designing the experience we believe is sufficient for the polished product. We invested into the gameplay and stability. We are making a new game, not a simple copy, so we spend a lot of time with the polishing of the features we isolated and found important.

We added a lot of a new common features and a lot of our own special secret features that will show the whole power of our game and the tech stack at the behind. We just wanted to push the boundaries of what can be done there and today we can say, that we did it and it is going to be great.

Invested heavily into something new, we learned a lot of things about the event based systems designs and polished our game services.

At the journey we also switched from our old project management tools into a new tools, classic paper stickers at time for this project. And we find out that it work great in the team of non-programmers and programmers.

So the technological stack behind is almost done, and we are about start working on the polishing and graphic design. At least 🙂

AND, we tested our new, super cool feature we call virtual console. And the thing is working great! 🙂 We are definitely going to write a post about it pretty soon.

Stay connected, subscribe to news, you can do it at the bottom of our landing page. Or ping our websites from time to time and watch our instagram. Because we are close to the finish our journey with the development of great multi-platform action puzzle game ComboBlockPuzzle!

Developers update

ComboBlockPuzzle sketch
ComboBlockPuzzle sketch

Hi 🙂

We just finished the code part of the game and focus on the visuals now. We feel great about the progress and technical state of the game. And now we polish it to look gemy magicaly super great 🙂

Stay tuned, check out Instagram and websites, because we are going to publish the game sooooon 🙂